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Top 20 iPhone Apps for Business Travelers

RoamBiFor an indiscernible number of years, business and travel have gone hand in hand. However, in the last few years, business travelers with an iPhone have found it to be an indispensable tool for both. With that in mind, below are the top 20 iPhone apps for business travelers to get the two done in no time.

Top Business iPhone Apps for Business Travelers

Get the most done from your airline seat, hotel room, café, and more with the help of your iPhone and these business apps.

  1. RoamBi
    With a simple registration, you can begin using their service to make custom and impressive looking graphs and charts of your data. You can view, analyze, interact with, modify, and share information before making important decisions during travels. The price is free, but you can also take a tour before downloading.
  2. iXpenseIt
    Ditch pen and paper for this app that can track and keep score of all your business related expenses. It can also analyze budget vs. expense, give you a summary, and log repeat expenses. Another highlight is its many customizable features, including the option for twelve different languages.
  3. reQall
    This is a free, downloadable application that lets your iPhone capture tasks and ideas using your own voice. It also automatically organizes your information, integrates with your Outlook or Google Calendar, shares reminders with others, and provides proactive memory assistance via the Memory Jogger. If you need even more, there is a paid option with upgraded features.
  4. iFax
    Need to send a fax but don’t have access to a machine? Then stop here and get the iFax app that can send both a text or picture fax. Simply pay a one time fee of $10 to send an unlimited amount of faxes straight from your iPhone.
  5. Salesforce Mobile
    If you are in sales and your job entails loads of travel, this is the iPhone app for you. It can keep track of leads, contacts, cases, solutions, and much more. It is free for licensed professionals and is also available for the Blackberry or Windows Mobile.

Top Travel iPhone Apps for Business Travelers

Make the most of your business and leisure time, not to mention your wallet, by trying out these iPhone travel apps.

  1. WhereTraveler
    Stop here for dozens of downloadable travel guides for popular destinations across the globe. The City Spin series takes a comprehensive, insider’s look at the best places to visit, dine, and much more. Choose from U.S. or international, and you can even get help with airlines and car rentals.
  2. iFare Finder
    Use this app to search for, and purchase, flights straight from your iPhone. Search for non-stop flights, at specific times of day, and more. It sells for $1.99 and can even connect you to the airline if you have more questions.
  3. Flight Track
    Now that you know which flight you want, keep track of it with this app. It gives you a live international status tracker with flight maps and keeps you from standing in line to ask a gate agent where he/she thinks the flight is. Along with many features found in other tracking apps, such as the ability to track alternate flights, this one also tracks the weather.
  4. Around Me
    In a strange city and need to find something fast? Then get this free app to find a restaurant, bank, gas, and more in your location. It can even give you a route on how to get there, along with the distance.
  5. TripIt
    Use this free iPhone travel app to create, manage, and share your travel itinerary. View the details of your trip, whether online or not, integrate to many destinations, get maps, and store important phone numbers all with one application. You can even use it to check the status of your flights online.

Top News iPhone Apps for Business Travelers

Don’t miss a single headline during your travels by checking out these top business news apps for the iPhone.

  1. Wall Street Journal Reader
    One of the most read business publications in the world, this app brings you the latest global news, financial events, market insights, and information to keep you ahead of the curve. Get the information you need plus entertainment, culture, and sports coverage. Features include videos, podcasts, custom navigation, and the option to save and share articles.
  2. Mobile
    Visit the site or download the app for the iPhone to get the latest in business news. With headlines updated daily, you can get breaking news on stocks and the financial market straight from your iPhone. There is even a MobiTV app for $9.99 per month to bring you Bloomberg Television streamed straight to your mobile device.
  3. CNN App for the iPhone
    This app brings you live streaming video of breaking news, headlines, weather, and traffic from the palm of your hands. The app allows you to read, watch, save, and even follow the stories of your choice. A standout feature of this app is iReport, where you can directly report a breaking story from your iPhone using the its photo and video capabilities.
  4. NY Times iPhone Application
    Read selected columns or the entire online version of “The New York Times” with the help of this app. Features include offline reading, simple navigation, advanced photo viewing, and personal customization. It is completely free to get and especially useful if you plan to visit New York.
  5. Mobile Newstand
    Still don’t have enough reading material? Then visit here for a virtual newsstand and choose from loads of popular magazine titles delivered straight to your iPhone. Business minded travelers can choose from titles such as “BusinessWeek,” “Smart Money,” “Kiplinger’s,” and more.

Top iPhone Apps to Make or Save a Buck for Business Travelers

Use these business and travel iPhone apps to make or keep the most money.

  1. Free SMS
    SMS is a Short or Silent Message Service, generally known as texting. If your iPhone plan charges you by the text, or you are about to go over the allotment, try this app. It will allow you to send the text for free and have the reply sent to an email to save you even more. You can also send from the site without having to download anything.
  2. Local Gas Prices
    Know what the price is before you buy by checking this out. It contains up to the minute gas prices for both the United States and Canada for many popular locations. You can also get if the prices are falling, rising, or remaining stable.
  3. MiniBooks for Freshbooks
    If you are a business traveler who charges by the hour, this iPhone app is essential. Simply get this app to track your time and invoice your clients while you’re away from your computer. There is even the option for working with Paypal,, and others.
    Stop wasting money on expensive and bulky sharing apps. can do online file storage, FTP replacement, and team workspaces, all for free on the Lite version. There are also free trials of paid plans with more features, which can host up to ten users.
  5. Bump
    Save money on printing business cards by getting this free app. It can literally give your information to another iPhone holder with a simple bump. Just open the app, select the information you want to send, and bump to exchange.

Get help with everything from planning and organizing your trip to saving money during to invoicing after with the help of these top 20 iPhone apps for business travelers.