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About Executive MBA Programs:

Executive MBA Programs was created with students in mind. There are plenty of online resources where students can obtain reliable information relating to traditional MBA programs. But with enrollment rates increasing dramatically in executive MBA programs, and in particular in executive MBA programs, there is a complete lack of reliable information to meet the needs of these students. To that end, we provide reviews, rankings, news, and FAQ for students interested in obtaining more information about online executive MBA programs. In addition, we provide feature articles on our blog which cover the latest developments and resources which will be of interest to MBA’s and business professionals.

About Our Author, Brenda Harris Profile

With a background in journalism, Brenda brings both her background in writing and passion for business and entrepreneurship which she obtained from University of Houston to her feature pieces at Executive MBA programs. Once set loose in the world of blogging she has been steadily increasing her readership and enjoys the interaction between reader and author that allows her to get feedback from readers who suggest new titles, then publish those articles a couple of days later only to receive feedback from those same readers. This cycle improves writing and the reading experience and is something unique she feels she brings to Executive MBA Programs. To that end, we rely on your constant feedback and comments, so please email us with any comments, questions, critiques or suggestions. Brenda is originally from Houston and enjoys spending time with family and friends.