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100 Best Blogs for Your Financial Intelligence

Whether in the best or worst of times, people need to know how to make, spend, and invest money. Everyone from the teenager collecting their first check to the retiree can benefit from increasing their financial intelligence or be devastated by the lack of. Stay on top of your money and ahead of trends by using the internet to read the 100 best blogs for financial intelligence. They can help you get started, make new habits, invest wisely, and even be entertaining.

Best Sites to Increase Your Financial Intelligence

Stop by the below first to learn more about finance or brush up.

    1. Finance Glossary: Start here for a list of common and uncommon terms used in finance. Choose from the most popular, by letter, or do a search.

    2. Kiplinger: This site contains timely and trusted personal finance advise and business forecasts. You can start with the basics, get tips for investing, info on retirement, tools, calculators, and so much more.

    3. Economix: Contributors from “The New York Times” explain how everyday economics affect jobs, homes, families, and decisions. Special features include the debt trap and reckoning.

    4. PrecisionIR: This site helps companies build interest, interact with an audience, and measure results. They have a ton of resources to help you do just that including podcasts and online tools.

    5. Visit here if you need more information on how loans, business, and finance come together. Especially useful for small businesses.

    6. Mergers & Inquisitions: Discover how to get into investment banking with this blog. Core content includes the basics of investment banking, the lifestyle, fashion, resumes, and even recruiting.

    7. Bankrate: Ready to get a loan or put some money in the bank? Then stop here for an-all-in-one guide to credit cards, home equity loans, CD rates, and the latest numbers.

    8. Your Personal Finance 101: Wonder what credit piggybacking and emergency funds are? Then visit here to learn these and many other personal finance topics.

Best Bets for Financial News

Because the world of finance changes on a daily and even hourly basis, these are the top sites for the latest in financial headlines.

    9. Bloomberg: Start here for a no holds barred look at the world of finance. The homepage constantly updates itself with the latest news in the market, personal finance, and much more.

    10. Business Finance: You don’t have to subscribe to this magazine to get the latest in corporate, personal, and other areas of finance. They even have a wide range of finance blogs to choose from on every topic from taxes to technology.

    11. Reuters: Visit this leading site for breaking financial, U.S. and world news. Finance sections even include those on green and small businesses.

    12. MarketWatch: A popular choice to get the latest in stock quotes, they also have regularly updated financial news. Another key feature is the expert commentary on all things business, market, and finance.

    13. Finance Times: Stop here for highlights such as the Trading Room and in depth reports. They also have tools in portfolio, lexicon, MBA rankings, and more.

    14. Bankers Ball: If you are interested in both finance and investment banking, this is the place for you. Features available include the latest news, job listing, an active forum, and even salary surveys.

    15. The Big Money: Get news on finance, business, economics, and more from this site from Slate. In addition to the latest headlines, there are also editor’s picks.

    16. Finance Asia: Stop here for the latest finance news from the East. You can read the latest headlines, choose by country, and much more.

Best Educational Blogs for Your Financial Intelligence

These finance blogs are authored by educators in the financial field and also one student.

    17. Voices: Choose from tons of blogs from the faculty and alumni at the Harvard Business School. You can pick finance blogs such as Edge Economy and Financial Intelligence or one of the many others.

    18. Capital: Thomas F. Cooley is a professor of economics at the Stern School of Business in NYU. His latest entries include “Animal Planet vs. Economic Reasoning” and “The Stimulus is Definitely Working?!”

    19. CARPE DIEM: Mark Perry is a professor of economics and finance and fills his blog with humor. He often posts stories that interest him, along with the occasional commentary.

    20. Grasping Reality With Both Hands: This professor teaches economics at UC Berkeley and gives a reality based look at the world. Along with posts, you can see what he is teaching and get reading recommendations.

    21. Division of Labour: Several finance professors contribute to this blog. Posts are often on items of interest.

    22. Finance Professor: James Mahar teaches finance at St. Bonaventure University and authors a blog with loads of content. In addition to regular entries, you can also get YouTube of his finance class, a Twitter feed, and recommended readings.

    23. Damodaran: Aswath is a professor of finance at NYU and teaches to MBA students. In his blog, he shares thoughts on corporate finance, valuation, and the daily news.

    24. Financial Rounds: The Unknown Professor teaches finance at a doctoral granting school in the Northeast. His blog is where the classroom meets the outside world.

    25. The Maturation of Shane: Shane is pursuing a degree in philosophy, politics, and economics at the University of Pennsylvania. See how he navigates life and finance by reading his blog.

Best Blogs for Your Financial and Political Intelligence

See how the world of politics and policy affects the world of finance with these blogs from the left, right, and everywhere in between.

    26. Washington Matters: Get evolving judgments, differing opinions, and fresh reporting from the staff of the Kiplinger letters. Recent blog entries include healthcare consensus, cloture, and lessons from President Obama.

    27. Political Economy: John Tamny holds senior positions with Toreador Research & Trading, H.C. Wainwright Economics, and He frequently writes about the securities markets, along with tax, trade, and monetary policy issues that impact those markets.

    28. Political Risk: This blog is authored by James Pethokoukis of Reuters where he covers the nexus of Washington and Wall Street. Latest entries are on healthcare and financial reform.

    29. Paul Krugman Blog: He is a columnist on the Op-Ed Page of “The New York Times” and continues as professor of economics and international affairs at Princeton University. Recent entries are on healthcare, Nixon, and debt.

    30. Thomas Sowell: He is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institute and author of economics books such as “The Housing Boom and Bust.” Most viewed entries include “A Fatal Trajectory,” “A Rookie President,” and “Upside Down Economics.”

    31. Freakonomics: Another blogger for “The New York Times,” they are authors of a book of the same name. Posts are often on trends in a variety of areas.

    32. Clive Crook’s Blog: He moved from Britain to the U.S. in 2005 to write for the “Atlantic Monthly” and the “National Journal” after 20 years working at the “Economist.” Posts are mostly on the intersection of politics and economics.

    33. Westminster Blog: Jim Pickard and Alex Barker share the latest news and gossip from the U.K.’s political scene. Recent entries are on Microsoft and the Berlin Wall.

Best Blogs for Your Financial Freedom

What good is financial blog if it can’t teach you how to be rich? Get just that information and more from the below.

    34. 2 Million: Featured in “Business Week,” this blogger is an engineer for IBM and began his goal to become worth two million dollars in 2006. Today, he is over halfway to that goal and shows you how in great detail.

    35. Get Rich Slowly: This blog has made headlines in “The Wall Street Journal” and “Money” magazine for personal finance that makes “cents.” You can get great tips on savings accounts, CD rates, a best of section, and even a best rate calculator for short term investments.

    36. Million Dollar Journey: A Canadian couple hopes to grow their financial worth to one million dollars before the age of 35. See how they are doing, as well as read interesting posts on how Smith Manoeuvre and investing taxes work.

    37. The Skilled Investor: Visit here for a directory of objective family finance blogs including S&P 500, no load bond funds, and more. The SI also gathers the best in personal finance blog posts and gathers them in one spot.

    38. Money Monk: Marie saves an impressive thirty percent of her gross income and shows you how to do it. Popular topics of hers include not living below your means, what to tell your partner, and why she is mad at Suze Orman.

    39. Living Off Dividends: Learn how to make your money work hard, so you don’t have to with this blog. Specific questions on topics such as investing in gold, tax liens, China, and others are asked and answered.

    40. Everybody Loves Your Money: Learn how to live for today, but plan for tomorrow with this blog. Categories include credit, net worth, retirement, saving, and spending.

    41. My Open Wallet: Madame X lives in New York and tells the world how much she earns, spends, and saves. A good read for her 20 rules alone, but she also lists her goals and worth.

    42. Generation X Finance: Stop here for loads of financial freedom advice for this generation. The latest entries include why your car is making you poor and how to keep your job.

Best Blogs for Your Personal Finance

Avoid making common mistakes, how to get out of them, and more by checking out the below.

    43. Moolanomy: A popular blog, the site also has information on banking, debt, investing, and more. There are even financial Q & A sessions and reviews.

    44. Stocks to Watch Today: Get just what the title promises from Bob O’Brien of, who recently reviewed stocks for airlines and fast food. You can also get tons of other finance information from the site.

    45. Your Wealth: Judy is a personal finance expert with In addition to the useful posts, you also have the option to ask the experts a question.

    46. Money Matters: Matthew Vincent, the editor of FT Money, and his team of reporters blog on personal finance news and insight. Latest posts are on bank charges and wise investing.

    47. Russell Bailyn: Russell is a Wealth Manager with Premier Financial Advisors, Inc., located in Manhattan and even gives free consultations. If you want to save your twenty five cents, the blog is loaded with tons of expert advice on personal finance.

    48. The Digerati Life: Silicon valley girl is a software engineer who blogs about money, technology, and entrepreneurial endeavors. Highlights include reviews of Scottrade, TradKing, Zecco, and other online stock brokers.

    49. Five Cent Nickel: Nickel gives tons of personal finance advice on great deals, smart practices, and features reader’s choices. Most talked about posts include Dave Ramsey and an $8,000 homebuyer tax credit.

    50. Personal Finance Advice: A community of bloggers bridge the gap between money and investing. They specialize in saving money, getting out of debt, and real people’s finances.

    51. Money Ning: MN shares insights on saving money, investing, retirement, and stocks. Stop by for reviews, regular posts, and interesting reads such as “How I Started Buying My First Stock.”

    52. Bible Money Matters: Get personal finance advice from the Christian perspective here. Useful tips are often accompanied by a corresponding Bible verse.

Best Columns for Your Finance Intelligence

These financial bloggers get paid to write these columns for some of the leading information providers in the world.

    53. WSJ Blogs: Choose from a wide variety of blogs from this leading newspaper. They include finance minded ones such as Marketbeat and Venture Capital Dispatch and even those for the auto, healthcare, and entertainment industry.

    54. Floyd Norris: He is the chief financial correspondent of “The New York Times” and “The International Herald Tribune.” Top tags in his blog include S.E.C., credit crunch, and home sales.

    55. USA Today: Money: Get news and sights in all aspects of finance including stock, real estate, taxes, business, and more. They also feature money essentials and the option to ask one of their experts a question.

    56. CNNMoney: Choose from topics such as personal finance, retirement, and even luxury here. Current popular stories include Steve Jobs, the Nasdaq, and five lessons from the crash.

    57. Forbes: Even though its better to be featured in it, this magazine still provides useful finance information if you can stomach the ads. Most notable for its lists, it also has interesting sections such as ForbesWoman, people tracker, and opinions.

    58. Fortune Columns: The same people who bring you the top 500 companies also have an impressive selection of online columns. Get financial related blogs such as the Commodities Desk and Captain’s Blog, along with many others.

    59. Sick of all that serious finance advice? Then stop here to get educated and amused as you get rich with news, tips, blogs, and much more.

Best Blogs for Your Financial Career

Those looking to go into finance as a profession will find loads of help in the sites and blogs below.

    60. Careers in Finance: Get a comprehensive guide to finance careers by visiting here. You can explore different jobs such as commercial banking and money management, along with searching for the jobs themselves.

    61. Wall Street Oasis: Visit this site for career advice, along with a community and news. It offers forums, guides, groups, training, and even a GMAT prep.

    62. eFinancialCareers: This site contains information on jobs in finance, investing, banking, and recruiting. Utilize their career toolkit, post your resume on the site, or search for open positions.

    63. JobsintheMoney: Careers in finance and accounting can be found here. In addition to searching for jobs, you can also get news, advice, and even a blog.

    64. LinkUp: Tired of outdated or scam job posts? Then stop here for job listing taken from only trusted company websites. There are currently over 350,000 jobs at over 21,000 companies.

    65. After College: Stop here for jobs exclusively for those finishing school in entry level and internship positions. In keeping step with this generation, there is also a social network where you can join others from your school in that job search.

    66. First Jobs: Young professionals can learn what to expect and accomplish in their first job. Categories include career tools, internships, pay and benefits, and workplace issues.

Best Podcasts for Your Financial Intelligence

Use your time in the car, exercising, and more to listen to these finance minded podcasts.

    67. MW Podcasts: Get both daily and weekly podcasts in a variety of topics from Market Watch. Choose from Morning Stock Talk, Take On Tech, and many others.

    68. FT Podcasts: Choose from six different finance shows here. Topics include digital business, money, management, and more.

    69. Online News Feeds: Get additional analysis and insight from the experts at “Business Week” by stopping here. There is even a weekly video edition hosted by the assistant managing editor of the publication.

    70. Money Girl: She gives quick and dirty tips for a richer life in this award winning podcast. Recent episodes are on how to protect from scams, pay for college, and create a budget.

    71. Vanguard: Get plain talk on investing to help you achieve financial success through easy steps. Weekly episodes cover topics such as buy and hold, withdrawals in retirement, and saving for college.

    72. Marketplace: This site has several different MP3 or video podcasts to choose from. Get everything from the opening bell to the dinner party download.

    73. Kiplinger Podcasts: Stop here for audio versions of the top stories from the latest issue of the magazine. Latest episodes include retirement, saving on health, and steal these deals.

    74. Fund Advice: Recognized by “Money” magazine, this podcast focuses on mutual funds, retirement, money management, and more. Topics include the latest in news and sound investing for that week.

    75. The Dave Ramsey Show: You can get one hour of this show for free or three for free with commercials. Listen to the latest, or choose from subjects such as kids and money, bankruptcy, or church programs.

Best Blogs for Your Finance Deals

See how top companies make deals, mergers, and acquisitions with the help of these finance blogs.

    76. Dealbook: Visit here for news on mergers, acquisitions, venture capital, and hedge funds. There is also a Tuesday column where an expert comments on specific deals and deal makers.

    77. Deal Zone: Chris Kaufman of Reuters takes you behind the scene of the deals. Recent posts include Eastbound traffic and deals du jour.

    78. Deals & More: See how the latest deals are affecting tech, money, and innovation. There are also similar blogs for games, green, and the digital world.

    79. Dealbreaker: A self described Wall Street tabloid, you can get finance news, as well as gossip here. Hot topics include the opening bell, hedge funds, write-offs, and others.

    80. Footnoted: Michelle Leder takes you behind the S.E.C. and digs deep into their filings. Immensely useful for seeing how and why deals really happened.

    81. TraderFeed: See how deals, the market, and finance have evolved through graphs and trends sometimes dating back for decades on this blog. Brett is the author of “The Psychology of Trading” and has an interest in historical patterns in the market to give him an edge.

    82. Transcripts Center: Want to see what goes on behind the scenes? Then check out Seeking Alpha for tons of actual transcripts from leading companies, as well as other financial related resources.

Best Blogs for Your Finance Leadership

These finance blogs are authored by some of the top financial professionals in the industry, along with some that are devoted to them.

    83. Fact Comment: This blog is authored by Steve Forbes, the Chairman and CEO of Forbes and Editor-in-Chief of “Forbes” magazine. Sometimes writing several entries a day, he comments on current events and their effect.

    84. Management IQ: “Business Week” writers gather insights from the brightest business thinkers, critique management trends, and comment on leaders. The latest entries took a look at CEO pay, Ben Stein, and the CEO of Comarco.

    85. CEO Blog: Jim is the CEO of SYNNEX and shares his take on time and leadership. The latest entry showed how a successful leader spends his time.

    86. Slacker Manager: The vice president of IT for a financial company, Phil is also a social media maximizer. Posts often show how to praise, rather than scold, employees.

    87. Warren Buffett Watch: Follow CNBC as they follow this billionaire financial expert. Entries mostly gather the latest press releases and statements on Mr. Buffett.

    88. Berkshire Ruminations: Need more Buffett? Then read Andrew Kern’s blog, a devotee of his, as he covers, trends, markets, and more with an expert eye.

    89. Modern Graham: This blog is devoted to the study and modernization of the theories of Benjamin Graham. Get useful items such as methods, valuation calculator, and popular content.

    90. Stephen Schwarzman: Although he is the CEO of Blackstone, this is not his blog. In fact, the entire site is covered with fake blogs that are good for a laugh, including other business people such as Donald Trump and Jim Cramer.

Best Blogs for Your Financial Savings

Because saving money is making money, check out these blogs for the best ways how.

    91. The Consumerist: Shoppers bite back in this popular site by commenting on and ranking various deals. Learn what to avoid by stopping here.

    92. Wise Bread: Live large on a small budget with the help of this blog. Interesting posts show you how to speed up your computer instead of buying a new one and a cheapskate guide to eating out.

    93. Saving Advice: This blog takes a serious look at specific ways to save money. A recent article gave tips to those who think they can’t retire.

    94. My Money Blog: Another blogger tells how much he is worth, how it is invested, and goals. Popular posts include $100 credit card bonuses, best online savings accounts, and best rewards credit cards.

    95. Deal Seeking Mom: This mother literally scours the internet to bring you the best in both store and web deals. Current popular deals include $3 movies at Target and free magazine subscriptions.

    96. Taking Charge: A variety of bloggers write on the ups and downs of credit cards. Get the best rates, see what to avoid, and even learn how to work the “do not call” list.

    97. The Simple Dollar: This blogger was born into poverty and made the same mistakes in adulthood, but with the help of this blog, changed that. Jump to the beginning to see the biggest financial mistakes, or read the latest entry.

    98. Bargaineering: Jim is behind this frame of mind on saving money. Popular blog posts include 0% balance transfers and credit cards, along with frank reviews of many financial related options.

    99. Frugal Dad: Stop here for reviews, tips for getting out of debt, and top ten lists from this popular father. He also tells you the best online banks, credit cards, and emergency funds.

    100. American Consumer News: This blog provides savvy consumers with information about products, services, personal finance, and more. Worth a trip just for their Rip-Off Alerts.

Although these 100 best blogs for your financial intelligence will certainly help you increase it, always think carefully and discuss with a family member or financial planner before following any of the advice you read.