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100 Best Blogs for Entrepreneurial-Minded Moms

Raising children is substantial and demanding enough for many women all by itself. Even still, many mothers harbor the urge to start a business and nurture it right along with their children. But unless you’ve got a nanny, a housekeeper, a chauffeur, and a chef, it’s hard to manage a home and family and still keep a smile on your face. For those actual and hopeful mom entrepreneurs, here’s some blogs that we think will particularly tailor to your needs, as well as provide information and resources that will help you achieve your small business and motherhood goals.

Advice & Support from other mom entrepreneurs

Receive support and encouragement from other mom entrepreneurs with these blogs.  They offer advice and share their stories on both motherhood and running a company.

    1. The Mom EntrepreneurGet the basics from a mom balancing motherhood and a small business. Her posts are filled with emotions when talking about the good fortune she has experienced and does not take for granted.

    2. My Business Adventures A Mom’s blogging journey of starting her own business. Share her ins & outs, wins and losses, anecdotes, and life’s lessons as she moves ahead.

    3. Entrepreneur Mom You’ll find practical tips and smart ideas about entrepreneurship on this blog. This mom also invites successful entrepreneurs to share their best advice with you.

    4. The Solopreneur’s Million-Dollar Mindset This  woman helps entrepreneurs achieve their business and life goals rapidly and efficiently. She serves as a Success Coach for the nationally known organization, Count-Me-In for Women’s Economic Independence and helps award winners grow their businesses to one-million dollars and larger.

    5. News You Can Use Read this blog from the editor of, Eva Gumpel. Get her thoughts on everything from marriage to the joys of being a woman entrepreneur.

    6. Make it Legal A small business instructor’s handbook on law and entrepreneurship. This business attorney has been in the field for more than 15 years guiding small businesses through legal hurdles they face when starting and running their companies.

    7. BizCentral USA – Small BizBlog This blog is dedicated to educating the small and start up business enterprise. Women and minority entrepreneurs can find trends and comments pertaining to the challenges they face starting out.

    8. EntrepreneurHER A platform for women entrepreneurs who have either considered starting their own business or are experienced entrepreneurs. Find insight and support from other empowered women by learning and connecting.

    9. FemalePreneurs Young women looking to start a business can find all kinds of advice and inspiration here. Teaches women how to expand their business by using the internet and their growing expertise.

    10. Girl Meets Business Get some insight on how women can navigate the working world from the solid advice given on this blog. Mostly for women professionals who want to develop professionally through growth and learning  but still want to be mommy too.

    11. Forging Ahead This is the story of Kjerstin Erickson who was 20 years old when she started her company, FORGE. She didn’t have a business plan and she didn’t have a penny but she now works in three refugee camps in Zambia, helping refugees build better lives.

    12. Thoughts Of A Mom Read these observations from this wife, mother, entrepreneur, and woman. She does not hold her tongue about issues that she feels are important to herself and her family.


Keeping your business budget and your family budget on track can be a real juggling act. Here’s some helpful tips on budgeting and finance from some thrifty mom entrepreneurs.

    13. Money Saving Tips for Small Business Owners Find ways to save money for your business in this blog. It serves as an aggregate for information on deals, coupons, and discounts for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

    14. Madame Deals This blog focuses on how to save money in all aspects of your life. From household items to printing supplies, these moms only list products that are at least fifty percent off the retail price.

    15. The Financial Guru Receive a holistic approach to money and wealth from Vanessa Summers.  She is the CEO of a company dedicated to empowering people to be successful in any economy through entrepreneurship.

    16. Money Saving Tips for the Keeper at Home Find Posts on the best grocery deals as well as ideas, products, and fun tips that will make your money go a little further.

    17. The Closet Entrepreneur You’ll need to be extremely careful with your limited funds when starting out on your own. This blog offers some excellent tips for entrepreneurs on saving money.

    18. Savvy Mom Finds This clever mom finds the best tips, tricks, and treats to help you stretch a dollar. Look for freebies, coupons, rebates, bargains, and advice to help you become a wise spender and reap the benefits of thrifty living.

    19.Virtual Entrepreneur Money talk, trends, and tips for any entrepreneur. Connect to plenty of links & opportunities for today’s mom entrepreneurs.

    20. Saga of a Work at Home Mom Get frugal business and life advice from this mother of three. She started her company in 1992 and has a lot to say about being a mom and keeping her business fruitful.

    21. Personal Finance Blog Great tales of and about successful entrepreneurs. Get  blogging advice about making and managing money.

    22. Moms Cash Blog A community based blog that helps teach moms and others how to work at home by making money online. A fun, interactive way to learn how to manage your money in business and at home.

PR & Marketing

Work at Home Moms, established entrepreneurs, or new moms thinking of running their own businesses will benefit from reading these marketing and public relations blogs.  Marketing yourself can help your business grow and prosper for your family.

    23. The Vest Pocket Consultant Learn everything you need to know to make your business grow by reading this blog by Rosalind Resnick. She built her company, NetCreations, Inc., from a two person home based startup to a public company that generated $58 million in sales!

    24. Franchise Cafe Written by the creator of the Tumble & Tea Café. This entrepreneur mom can give you all the advice on having a successful business and how to develop it into a franchise.

    25. Pajama Professional Maximize your earning potential with these generous articles. Constantly updated,  this blog will find legitimate ways to make money online, enhance personal development,  as well as budgeting  tips  for entrepreneurs in all niches.

    26. Women at Work Named by Newsweek magazine as one of the “Top 50 People Who Matter Most on the Internet,” Aliza Sherman is a web pioneer and social media marketing expert. In 1995, she started the first woman-owned, full-service internet company.

    27. The Internet Strategist Gain knowledge from an internet industry veteran with her own New York marketing firm. This blog specializes in traditional and internet marketing for entrepreneurs and growing businesses.

    28. Brand Yourself Get a better understanding of the basics behind business branding. Learn about what you need to do to get your name out there.

    29. Lip-Sticking Owner and author, Yvonne DiVita, is an expert on publishing and marketing. Get all the advice you need to get your business to grow.

    30. Update yourself on the latest news and step-by-step articles detailing various internet marketing strategies for women entrepreneurs. Posts are on subjects such as online publicity and Public Relations, blogging, social media, and networking.

    31. Womenwise Marketing Kelly Watson is a marketing consultant and copywriter who coaches businesswomen on finding the right way to market themselves both online and offline.

    32. The Babe of Business This one of a kind blogger has been helping entrepreneurs successfully start, operate and market their businesses. She has developed full-length business plans, conducted in-depth market research and performed feasibility studies on a wide array of business endeavors.

    33. Diva Marketing Blog Pro marketer and owner of Bloomberg Marketing, Toby Bloomberg navigates marketing in the 21st century with charm. She has a fun and simple approach to online marketing.

    34. A Woman in Business Erica Brooks, a small business owner and mom of two, shares her experiences and business resources to help women start, manage and market a small business.


With all the stresses entrepreneur mothers face by running a business, dealing with childcare, housework and striving to keep the family happy, your health should be of the utmost importance. These blogs can help lead a healthy, active lifestyle that will benefit you and your loved ones.

    35. The Healthy Mom Living a healthy lifestyle can definitely be trying at times. Share this mom’s challenges as she tries to keep her and her family healthy while still indulging in the things they all love.

    36. Health Begins With Mom A compilation of easy, practical and inspirational tips for moms who want to create a healthier family lifestyle.

    37. Women to Women This is a great place to get answers to your health related questions and more, from another woman.

    38. Working Mother Momblog If you’re stressed out trying to deal with all the requirements of mothering and growing your business, then check out this blog for some healthy stress relief tips.

    39. The Healthy Marriage Keeping your marriage going while trying to raise the kids and promote your business. Find new ways to work on your relationship through this blog.

    40. Workout Mommy Here you’ll find fast workout tips and suggestions as well as ideas on how to beat stress. Get quick workouts that you can do with your kids that won’t take too much of your time.

    41. The Sassy Pear This mom and blogger is committed to changing her diet, exercising, and creating a healthy lifestyle to lose weight. Share her fears and milestones as she starts on her path to being skinny.

    42. Womens Health Zone An overflow of information is given to you on this blog about major topics in women’s health today. From breast cancer to sexually transmitted diseases, all subjects are definitely covered.

    43. Nourishing Thoughts A healthy family nutrition blog provides useful family and children’s nutrition, health-oriented tips, and the latest health and nutrition news for healthy family living.

    44. Healthy Eating and Living For Family and Children Designed to share this bloggers life experience and things she has learned in regards to health. There are articles on nutrition, family, children and living an abundant life!

    45. Our Bodies, Our Blog Get your daily dose of women’s health news and analysis. This blog will keep you informed of issues that are important to women and their health.


No matter how hard we try to keep an even balance between everything that demands our time, unfortunately there is only 24 hours in a day to work with. These blogs will help you find the joy of your family as well as time you need for yourself. you

    46. This blog chronicles the life of a mother trying to reach her goal to financial freedom. She write about the struggles and successes that come her way, as well as some products that can help make mommy’s life simpler.

    47. Julie Lenzer Kirk’s Blog Musings on growing a business and entrepreneurship. See how this busy mom knows how to do it all and raise a family at the same time.

    48. Mommy Too This blog is dedicated to moms of color. It is written by one of the most recognized moms in the mom blog community. Read about her experiences as a minority woman entrepreneur and get some useful mom tips as well.

    49. Sparkplug CEO A network of 15 women bloggers who write about business, parenting, life balance, technology & entrepreneurship.

    50. The Integrated Mother Founded to help women bridge the gap between motherhood, work and everything else. This entrepreneur mom is equip to teach and support mothers to effectively manage their life and work so they can enjoy the best life possible.

    51. The Crazy Life of a Stay at Home Mom and Jewelry Designer Read about this bloggers life as a stay at home mom trying to find time to design jewelry, network, and write while trying to keep her family in check. She also features other inspiring artists and shares theirs work.

    52. From One Mom To Another As a mom and owner of the Warm Biscuit Bedding Co., this entrepreneur shares ways she has learned to simplify her busy life. She offers quick tips and funny mom stories that will keep you going.

    53. My Business Adventures A real journey of this mom’s personal business adventures. Starting out as an entrepreneur in January 2009, she relates her experiences, accomplishments, and mistakes, all while being a mom, wife, friend, and daughter.

    54. Mother+Entrepreneur Written by the founder of the Mother Entrepreneurial Group Association. Her posts are filled with business ideas, new products, successes, frustrations, family talk, husband talk, as well as marketing and advertising venues she has found to be successful.

    55. Mompreneur Asia Mompreneur will inspire you to establish businesses at home while also acting as a parent to your children. Read her informative posts on many topics relating to entrepreneurship, family, and motherhood.


You can have your business and still be a great mom. These blogs will provide inspiration and insights on parenting, motherhood, and all the rest in between.

    56. Mom 4 Life This blog discusses parenting, child safety, and nutrition. There are also great reviews on a number of products.

    57. Parenting Blog A place where moms new and seasoned can read about parenting and how to best deal with kids of all ages. The authors of this blog post their experiences and lessons they have learned.

    58. Busy Mom Blog Read this blog from an on the go mom. She has opinions and advice on all aspects of parenting from disposable diapers to college tuition.

    59. Momtrends Receive tips for living well and making the most out of parenthood. There are also profiles of inspiring mom entrepreneurs, regular features on cooking and fashion trends, and tons of great giveaways and reviews.

    60. Strong Girls Parenting tips, strategies and inspiration from award winning scholar, author, and parenting expert, Dr. Janet Rose. She specializes in helping parents raise happy, healthy, independent, and successful daughters.

    61. The Confident Mom This entrepreneur mom specializes in helping busy moms gain clarity and control in their lives so that they can positively impact their children and re-discover themselves. Her goal is to empower moms and help them strenghthen their families.

    62. MamaBlogga Dedicated to helping mothers find encouragement, empowerment and fulfillment in motherhood. Her goal is to change the world’s perspective on motherhood one mom at a time.

    63. MotherLoad This blog offers parental advice, as well as helpful links to various resources. Amy Clark, the founder of is the author.

    64. About Babies and Toddlers Stephanie Brown updates this blog about babies and toddlers. She spent four years at iVillage Parenting (formerly and was a pioneer in the field of online communities.

    65. Graco Blog This is the official parenting blog of Graco, the popular baby brand. Here, Graco offers both parenting advice and updates on the company.

    66. Cool Mom Picks Find great product recommendations for all your parenting needs on this site. They have reviews on all the major products used by mom’s today all over the world.

    67. Mighty Girl Maggie Mason is the mighty mom behind this popular blog. She is also the proprietor of a company called Mighty Goods.

Quick Recipes

Spending too much time in the kitchen is just not possible with your busy schedule. With these quick recipes, you can still cook a healthy meal and have time to sit down and enjoy it with your family.

    68. Busy Mom Recipes A busy mom and business writer specializing in start-up ventures posts easy and tasty recipes that can lead to discovering ways to effectively manage my time, business, household, and personal life.

    69. Meal Makeover Moms’ Blog As two of the nation’s top experts on family nutrition, these bloggers are helping p busy families eat better. Knowing the daily challenges busy moms’ face when mealtime rolls around, their recipes are all mom tested and kid approved.

    70. Real Mom Kitchen Make fast and yummy dinners from this bloggers recipes for real moms. Her mealtime tips are realistic and practical and simple enough for the novelist cook.

    71. Ordering Disorder This blog is all about making your everyday life run more smoothly in small specific ways. There are post for hassle free and nutritious recipes, tips for preparing lunches, and organizing.

    72. Recipe Blog Here you will find hundreds of tasty as well as healthy cooking recipes that you can try easily at home. Her pages are frequently updated with multiple recipes that can be prepared anywhere by anyone.

    73. The Menu Mom Make healthy and fun food for your kids with some help from the menu mom. Her recipes cater to busy moms on the go.

    74. Good & Cheap Eats Growing your business can sometimes make it hard on your budget. With these recipes, you can cook good food for your kids and still without breaking the bank.

    75. Dalai Mama Dishes Brought to you by Disney, Catherine Newman is a real mom cooking everyday recipes with her kids. She’s on a quest to serve non-processed food that kids will eat and enjoy.

    76. Get delicious recipes from this 31 year old business owner, wannabe domestic goddess and mom of one. Along with recipes, she has some funny tales to tell about life as mom and entrepreneur.

    77. Mom’s Cooking Club Read this blog from an at home cook who loves to make appetizing meals for her family. She is always trying new recipes to add variety and keep everyone’s taste buds happy.

    78. Simple Daily Recipes This blog serves up real food for busy families. All the recipes on this blog have less than 5 ingredients and take no more than 45 minutes to prepare and cook.

Beauty, Fashion, and Shopping

Just because you’re a mom does not mean that letting yourself go is an option. You also have an image to uphold for your business so make sure to browse these blogs for beauty and fashion advice, as well as some great shopping deals.

    79. A Girl’s Gotta Spa The focus of this blog is to provide relevant and easy to understand beauty product reviews to busy women around the world. This mom of four boys gives her opinions with a dose of honesty, integrity and humor.

    80. Classy Mommy An essential site for moms that features fabulous products that can be easily accessed in one of the largest catalogs of independent baby product reviews on the Web. This blog has over 1400 product reviews, great giveaways for readers, and lively videos.

    81. Cool Mom Picks These two moms like to review non-mainstream products and services, particularly those from indie or emerging designers and mom and women-run companies. They believe you can be true to your design and still support an entrepreneur, especially one trying to support her family through her work.

    82. One Chic Mama One of the original beauty and style blog created just for moms. Get some help from this mom and professional stylist.

    83. Whether you’re a shopping fanatic or frumpy fashionista, this blog will get you interested in looking and feeling good for you and your family. Stay on top of the latest finds for hip parents and their kids.

    84. 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic Although she is not a mom, this entrepreneur has some great ideas and products that can make your routine easier and faster each morning.

    85. Mom’s Favorite Stuff An ideal way to start your web research on products for babies, kids and moms.  Be in the know on fun finds and get reviews on various family friendly products like children’s clothes and shoes, kids’ DVDs, music CDs, books, and toys.

    86. Frugal Fashionista Learn not only what to wear, but how to wear it for less on this blog. There are regularly updated posts with celebrity looks on the cheap side , sales tips, and the latest trends. A go to source for stylish moms’ on a budget.

    87. Things Mommies Love This blogs about everything a mother could use or may want to know. There are also giveaways of products that mother’s can use on or with their kids such as games, foods, and clothing.

    88. A Mom in Red High Heels A wonderful blog that educates moms on how to look great and feel fabulous. She gives great advice and beauty tips that will allow you to make some time for yourself and be the number one priority for a change.

Helpful Resources

Here are some great resources for moms and well as entrepreneurs.

    89. This blog lives up to its subtitle of “killer resources for entrepreneurs”. By furnishing links and reviews of applications and other resources, you will be able to work more efficiently.

    90. Minutes for Provides an essential, go-to site for moms that entertains and informs, while still promoting the online community of mom entrepreneurs.

    91. i know a mom A creative online resource that is here to bring you the best of the best from women in business. All of these posts have been inspired by the beauties of motherhood.

    92. The Goods: Quick Hits Devoted exclusively to products and services for small business owners. They do review the new netbook or the must have smartphone, but will also examine the smaller services, not so well known software, and web-based tools that can help your businesses succeed.

    93. The Techy Mom’s Blog Trying to be a mom and keep up with the latest technology may seem impossible. On this blog you can learn something new and find current technology news, guides, tutorials, and much more.

    94. Online Entrepreneurial Tools & Tips A site dedicated to helping entrepreneurs hone in on their skills by using the newest online tools. Listen as other bloggers share their own experiences to helps entrepreneurs improve their businesses.

    95. The Mogul Mom Written by a mother of three business and children, this blog lists a number of wonderful resources for mom entrepreneurs as well as coaching and advice on any topic you can think of.

    96. Everyday Entrepreneurship A practical resource for growing and managing your business. Each blog post is dedicated to educating and informing you about entrepreneurial issues in an effort to ensure your success as a business owner and manager.

    97. Entrepreneur’s Tips Your all in one resource for news and events affecting today’s small business owners and entrepreneurs. Get insight from experts as well as tips on areas of interest like promotion, the Internet and more.

    98. Mom Made That The hip place to show, shop and support mom businesses and blogs! It provides an exciting way to showcasing their products, ideas, and services.

    99. The Internet Entrepreneur Resources Blog Keeps you abreast of additions and changes that effect small business and entrepreneurs. You can receive free resources, business ideas, marketing tools, and more.

    100. Club E Here you’ll find blogs by everyone from the aged entrepreneur to the young amateur. There are vast resources to help you network, learn and share your experiences.

Mom entrepreneurs truly are unique individuals. When they’re not working, they’re thinking about work. When they are working they’re thinking about their kids. It’s a very fulfilling life, and each woman accomplishes it in her own way. Our hope is that by providing you with the above blogs, you can make take inventory of what needs to be accomplished during your workday and find time for what matters most in life.